Regional Family Law Services

Family Law for Farming, Rural and Regional families

The farm is often the heart of rural life. 

To ensure fair outcomes in family law cases involving farmers, and rural, and regional families, it is necessary to have high levels of expertise and skills. Burra-Robinson Family Lawyers have extensive experience in negotiating divorce settlements involving landowners and farmers. Our family lawyers are there to support clients and give them peace of mind as they deal with complex legal issues in rural, regional and farming areas.  

It can be extremely difficult to untangle relationship property after a breakup. This is especially true when there are family farms involved. With their unique structures of trusts, partnerships, and companies, and the fact that family life is often centred around the farm. 

 It doesn’t matter if the farm has been in the same family for generations or whether it was built up over a lifetime or acquired by the children, the future of a partnership or farming enterprise when a new relationship starts, or ends can be one of the most difficult challenges. Whether one party can retain the whole farm or some parts of it need to be sold or divided, can have profound financial and emotional consequences. 

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