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Divorce Lawyers

Burra-Robinson Family Lawyers are here to help families navigate the difficult legal challenges around separation, divorce, child custody and all aspects of family law in Perth.

Divorce Lawyers in Perth

A divorce is the formal dissolution of your marriage and does not include the division of marital assets or arrangements for the care of the children. Burra-Robinson Family Lawyers will guide you through the application process and assist with the drafting, filing and service of legal documentation for divorce in the Perth Family Law Court.

Divorce Application

You can make your own divorce application or hire a divorce lawyer to help you. If you are applying for divorce as a sole applicant, you will need to give a copy of it to your ex-spouse.

You will need to fill out and file an Affidavit for Service with the court. The Affidavit, which is a sworn testimony that demonstrates that the application was received and served by the other party, will be filed with the court. You will not be required to attend the divorce hearing if you don’t have any children (under 18).

There may be confusion about whether you should attend your divorce hearing. Consult one of our specialist divorce lawyers for assistance.

Perth Divorce Lawyers

We customise our representation to your needs, from separation to divorce and beyond.

Our Perth team of divorce solicitors and lawyers takes the burden off our clients by addressing all issues related to married couples and de facto relationships.

  • Divorce in Australia (including preparation and serving of divorce papers).
  • Legal separation
  • Marriage annulment
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Property Settlements
  • Domestic and family violence as well as violence-restraining orders (VROs).
  • Representation for family Mediation, and Negotiation
  • Family Court: Legal representation
  • Consent orders
  • General advice

Your Case Is Handled by Experienced Senior Lawyers

While it’s possible to get a divorce online nowadays, many couples need a separate agreement that will address their needs. It is important that you understand that the divisions of goods are not predictable. A skilled lawyer may be necessary to negotiate and make the property division work for both of you.

Divorce is complicated by many factors. Divorce will determine which of the parties is required to support a couple, if any. Here will also be determined child support payments. There is also the possibility of spousal support. An experienced family lawyer at Burra-Robinson Family Lawyers can help you to predict how your case will go in court. The professional guidance of an experienced in divorces is unbeatable. Get in touch with us today to solve your case quickly and avoid unnecessary costs.

You Deserve the Very Best.

Navigating family law matters can be complicated. 

Our team of experienced, compassionate lawyers can help to reduce the emotional stress and achieve a quick resolution. 

Burra-Robinson Family Lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of family and divorcing law, including complex parenting or property issues, mediation, out of court settlements, and Family Court proceedings.


Separation Lawyers Perth

Navigating family law matters can be complicated, and you deserve the very best.

Our team of experienced, compassionate lawyers can help to reduce the emotional stress and achieve a quick resolution.