Burra-Robinson Family Lawyers


Helping families navigate the difficult legal landscape of separation

No matter what type of situation you are facing, whether it is simple or complex, amicable or difficult, our family lawyers will help guide, support and represent you.

We specialise in all areas of family law including property, children and financial matters.

Lance Burra-Robinson is a family law practitioner in Perth and Albany, who understands your challenges from a personal, emotional and legal perspective.

Our team of experienced family law and divorce specialists is hardworking and highly skilled. We offer the best advice and representation in all areas, including parenting issues, child support, property advice, and clarity around asset protection.

Our reputation is built on being client-focused. At Burra-Robinson we will tailor our approach to each individual situation to achieve the desired results.

We don’t want to drag you through the courtroom for months, or charge you ridiculously high fees. We do want to ensure the best outcome possible for you and your loved ones.

Lance Burra-Robinson Family Lawyers

Our Commitment

Burra-Robinson Family Lawyers, led by Lance Burra-Robinson, is committed to helping families resolve disputes quickly, amicably, and where possible, without the need for litigation.

But rest assured, we are there for you. When litigation is necessary, we adopt a strong and strategic approach.

Our Services

Let us help you with your family law problems and ease the burden.

We are experts in providing tailored advice, along with mediation and representation in all aspects of family law. We will settle property issues, make sure your children’s parenting arrangements are locked in, resolve restraining orders, draft consent orders and sort spousal maintenance.