BR Family Lawyers was founded by Lance Burra-Robinson in 2016. Lance calls Family Law his ‘calling’ and worked in family law firms in Perth for many years, gaining wide experience in all areas of Family Law.

Lance became an Independent Childrens Lawyer in 2015 and since then has endeavoured to ensure children are well represented in family disputes. In addition to a seeking a collaborative approach to resolving disputes, getting the most beneficial outcome with children in mind is a core value of BR Family Lawyers.

BR Family Lawyers started small, but it has grown to what it is today, a modern firm, highly experienced with the ability to meet people in the Perth CBD, Midland CBD and via Skype.

Our Logo - The Gryphon

The Logo represents Lance’s family crest, a Gryphon – a powerful and majestic creature with the body, tail and back legs of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. Like BR Family Lawyers, it is strength, determination and achievement.